November 24, 2009

Dearest Jennifer Lopez,

Dearest Jennifer Lopez,

...or should I say Jenny from the Block?

First let me say, I love you as both an artist and an actor.
[My  fav movies, Enough & Maid in Manhattan.]
I've never thought you had strong vocals, but you can at least hold a note & dance your ass off, which many of this "frail tail" [shout out to Jazzy Pha for that term] females can't seem to do nowadays.

Since I was in 8th grade, I have sung/danced along to many JLo videos & I've liked many, but "Louboutins" is my SHIT! I loved it the first time I heard it & I was so excited when I walked in from work, clicked on the TV & caught the beginning of your AMA performance.

I must say, you sounded pretty good during this live performance.
Now, I saw the "fall", but I seriously didn't pay it any mind when it happened.
I seriously thought it was apart of the routine.
As a former dancer, I applaud you, homie, b/c you recovered SO smoothly.
After you hand the dancer the mike, you jump & land on your ass...on BEAT! LoL....
Then you PoP back up, clap & proceed with the freestyle routine, whhhiiiccchhh wereallydidntneed.
Anywho, I can't wait to see what the rest of your new project will sound like.
[Also, I have to Shout out to the Dream & Tricky Stewart. These two are taking over music....& I LOVE IT!]

Now, for a classic JLo joint, "My Love Don't Cost a Thing".

PS: After taking a trip down memory lane & revisiting your old videos,
I think you, Beyonce & Janet should have a dance off ;)


ZikPot said...

The best place for music fans to vote for their favorite music artists is finally here.

Tresey B. :-D said...

That song does kinda go, she looked good up there..looks nice for her age. My Love Don't Cost a Thing is STILL the sh_t too! Man, that's so throwback!! I'd love to see she, Beyonce & Janet have a danceoff too, that'd be BOMB b/c they're all dope dancers!