November 12, 2009

Dearest Strange Lady,

Dearest Strange Lady,

Since you can obviously express your feelings...

...allow me to now express mine about you & you're nasty ass actions.

First, let me start off by saying,
" are a fu*king pussy. I hope someone beats the fu*king crap out of you"!
When I saw this clip on TMZ, I immediately wanted to thump you in the damn forehead.
You should be SO embarrassed... to be broadcasted on national television as an evil heartless bi*ch.

I'm just curious, how do you yell obscenities like that to a man you have never met before.. out in public, no less!?! Just the total disregard of respecting another human being makes me a little upset. I just believe that you should be able to state your opinions/feelings without being disrespectful/hateful/nasty towards them.

Who the hell are you to cast a stone at anyone?
I'm sure you're parents didn't raise you like that.

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TreseyB said...

Shame, shame, shame...when will people learn how to ACT? I know, her parents most likely DID teach her better than that!