November 18, 2009

Dearest Fabolous

Dearest Fabolous,

I would love to take this moment to express my love for you as an artist, but I've already done that in a previous "Dearest Fabolous" love note & since I know you're a busy man, I've hooked you up w/ your birthday horoscope. Scorpio, right?

"You are feeling good--everything in your life just seems to fall into place.
 You can demonstrate great understanding to the needs of others and are in a good position to
teach,guide or just enjoy the special personalities of the people around you.
The young people in your environment seek you out this evening.
You encourage psychological well-being." 
Hope it makes some sense.
Anywho, during my throwback video search, I came across a new video which dropped 2 days ago. Where was my ass?
Money Goes, Honey Stays [ft. Jay-Z]

"What should you do?! How about ride."

I hope your day is filled with laughter, love & many shots of patron
 [or whatever your choose to partake in]

1 comment:

TreseyB. ;-) said...

Happy Birthday Losooo1 Hope your day is fulfilled w/bundles of joy & hope you live to see many more birthdays!
So,'re just NOW seeing that video? Daaang, where DO you be? Lmao, I like Jay-Z's verse! He be goinnn!