November 19, 2009

Dearest Robin Thicke,

Dearest Robin Thicke,

I LoveLoveLoveLoveLove You!

My ears have felt this way ever since the album, I consider to be a classic, The Evolution of Robin Thicke dropped over 3 years ago.
I brought that CD twice because I played the 1st one out so much.
& now, I can not wait until December 15th for your 3rd album, Sex Therapy... Speaking of which...

Sing it!!
This song is so damn sexy.
Makes me want to grab my boyfriend right now... & love him. ;)
I CAN NOT wait until the CD drops, but this will definitely due until then.

Now, its time for a trip down memory lane..."Shooter".

You can't do anything but nod along to this joint.
PS: World, this is around the time I LOVED Wayne. [You know, before the abduction.]

1 comment:

Tresey B. ;) said...

loL, calm down girlie..this song is...all that though. Very grown & sexy, very sensual. Lol, yeah but this is a nice song though, nice way to come back!