July 29, 2009

Dearest Fabolous,

Dearest Fabolous,


& this isn't some new sh*t either.
I have been a lover of your lines/flow since...
the dada-dadadada-damn days & every song/album since then.
Your flow is crazy & the sh*t you say catches me off guard &
reminds me why you're one of the most slept on [lyrical] rappers...
[in my opinion].
Below is one of my joints off of 'Loso's Way' featuring "Miss Keri Baby".

"We in this bitch like an unborn baby" -HA!-

& although I've had this CD since Tuesday, I haven't listened to every song yet b/c I just cant get pass this one...it go SO HARD!!! [-ugh!-]

& now a CLASSIC Throwback...

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@TreseyB said...

I'm mad that I can't get this CD until Thursday maannn. Anywho, although Loso isn't in my top 5 (he's like in my top 7), I have faithfully been a fan of his music. My "Street Dreams" album is hekka scratched up b/c that's my fave album & I still be slappin it to this day. But yeah, I agree w/you when you say he's one of the most slept-on lyrical MCs. [he puts all these wack a-b-c rappers to shame!] GO LOSO!