April 19, 2009

Dearest Bebe Kids,

Dearest Bebe Kids,

This sh*t is ridiculous...

I can't believe this, but then again-I can.
A few nights ago, me and my boyfriend were "chillin @ the crib"
when someone knocked at the door.
We exchanged "Are you expecting someone?" glances [@ 7pm]
& we each shook our heads No.
My boyfriend then got up to answer to door.
"Do you have any trash you want taken out?" a little boy [age 11 or 12] asked.
"Nah, We straight." said my boyfriend and started to close the door.
"Well, I need a dollar." the boy demanded just as the door shut.
"What'd he say?" I asked my boyfriend.
"He said he needed a dollar." He said.
"So." I replied, "That is not that way you ask anyone for anything."

& thats just the way I feel.
If you want/need something, you NEED to have proper manners.
But, Aint that some sh*t? Where the hell was this boy's parents?
I be DAMNED if I EVER asked another person besides my parentals
for any money.
I remember when my sister & I was younger, we would "work" for our cash.
Drawing pictures, selling rocks, lemonade, etc.
[LoL...wierd but true].

Please, get it together people.

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