April 23, 2009

Dearest Beyonce,

Dearest Beyonce,

I was in 8th grade when Destiny's Child emerged.
I remember seeing the "NoNoNo" video, recording it &
loving the hell out of that song.
&Ever since then, I have been a faithful fan of Destiny's Child.

I must admit, however, I was not always a "BEYONCE FAN",
But that sh*t ended once "Dangerously in Love" came out.
After that, I have nothing but LOVE for you & I TRIPLE Dare
ANYONE to say anything negative about you in my presence...
im bustin heads.

I recently found out you will be visiting ATL on 07.01.09
for your I AM...Sasha Fierce Tour &
by any means neccessary, I will be in the damn building.

But until then, I will enjoy your performances via my computer

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Maymaye said...

I love Bey too...but hekka ppl I knw aint really been off her until B'Day came out but I've been up on my game...