April 14, 2009

Dearest TRIMM,

Dearest TRIMM,

[ELZ, showcase winner TRIMM, BMI VP-Catherine Brewton & HeadRoc]

"The evening began with performances from showcase finalists Jarren Benton, Brandon Hines, Holly Weerd, and TRIMM,
all chosen by a group of top BMI songwriters, producers and industry executives from over 300 submissions.
TRIMM’s wow factor and lyrical delivery impressed the audience and the judges, who proclaimed him the winner of prizes including...a Friends and Family deal courtesy of MySpace Records...and much more

Tom & the MySpace staff said you are
"...one of the best unsigned artists on MySpace..."

BMI.com said you are "...the latest undeniable phenomenon..."

I agree 100%.

&&& I am HELLLAAA excited that your mixtape...

...has FINNNAAALLLLYYYY arrived!

I have been trying to tell people that you are NO JOKE,
but since 1 out of every 3 dudes wants to be a "rapper"--
its kind of hard for people to believe me.
I always have to show & prove...so I invite them to a show...
& whatdoyouknow....they become fans too.
[check the youtube videos on the right]

is simply one of the BEST mixtape of 2009

So, FRIENDS-I have uploaded the mixtape for your listening pleasure...

...Once you finish enjoying this "beautiful music", click below to download.


PS: I PROMISE you will hear his name again...don't say you didnt read it hear 1st.

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