April 07, 2009

Dearest Music Lovers,

Dearest Music Lovers,

I PROUDLY introduce to you:

"...the best production crew since Organized Noize..."-CreativeLoafing.com

"Battery5 is four producers and an aggressive industry-savvy front man
able to produce for a myriad of styles with enough influence and expertise
to blur the lines on the industry's denotative meaning behind each genre.
What is hip hop? What is pop? What is rock? What is alternative?
The answer to all of the above: Battery5

When was the last time someone GAVE you a CD that you actually
Well, let me be the 1st.

Not to long ago, Battery5 got together with some of Atlanta's
best unsigned artists & produced one of the best mixtapes
compliations in a lonnnggg time. [Trust Me!]

Fadia Kadar Presents...
Broke & Bougee & BATTERY5:
The Usual Suspects

On the 17 track disc, they produce songs for local artists such as:

Young TRIMM, Muffy, Gripplyaz, Scar + many more.
Each artist ranging from hiphop - pop - alternative.

& because I GUARANTEE you won't be disappointed,
I have placed a few of my favorite tracks right here for you.
All you have to do is press PLAY.
If you like it...click [the album above] & download.
Its that easy.
[*ForTheRecord: I would NEVER subject you to any bullsh*t so trust & believe this is official.]

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