April 27, 2009

Dearest T.G.I.Friday's,

Dearest T.G.I.Friday's,

All I have to say is, F**k a $5 foot long.
All day/Everyday next month [May], I will be eating
Bacon Cheeseburgers, BBQ Chix wraps & Caeser salads...
all for only $5!!!
I'm hella excited about this...especially b/c there are many nights
my ass does not want to cook & since you stay open until 1 am,
on this side of Earth,
I can enjoy you even late.

"The question: Can Friday's afford it? A steak sandwich that usually fetches $11.75 will go for $5, as will a pecan-crusted chicken salad, normally $9.69. All are full-size portions. The chain hasn't had such low prices on its menu since it opened in 1965." [usatoday]

[PS: TIP your server/bartender!!!]

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MAyMAyE said...

s0unds g00d...i always tip the bartenders/servers...unlike s0me ppl, i have manners.