April 28, 2009

Dearest Ice-Cream Lover,

Dearest Ice-Cream Lover,

This is just in time for this hot ass weather &
I don't have to break a Dollar...
I can just use the change in my ride.

When was the last time you paid $.31 for anything in your life?!
Well, THIS WEDNESDAY [tomorrow 5-10 pm], my favorite
Ice-Cream Shoppe -[BASKIN ROBBINS]- Will have all 31 flavors for
$.31 a scoop!!!!
[&& $100,000 donation goes to our brave Firefighters!]

Click 31 FLAVORS to find the closest Baskin Robbins near you!

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shaunice small said...

love t.i..keep goin hard wit ur blogz.check ma blog out


imma new blogger so go easy on me..lol