April 23, 2009

Dearest Bun B,

Dearest Bun B,

Last night, I was fortunate enough to
attend the Myspace concert which featured
Paul Wall, Mike Jones[Who?], & Yourself.

I walked in on Paul Wall's performance, but the parts I caught was "EH"...
Mike Jones was onstage for what seemed like forever...even had the nerve to perform
some song about a hoe's swag being "through the roof" TWICE...smh...
He was WACK---No Energy. Too "Cool" w/ a leather hoodie, blk shades & a "Gucci" backpage...WACK

But you, KILLED IT!
It was evident that everyone was there just to see you.
I wasn't aware of how many lyrics I knew of yours.
[4got I had your '05 album TRILL]
You performed some of my favs:
*Get Throwed
*International Player
*Draped Up
*Big Pimpin'
*Gimme That

[pictures taken by ME backstage-thats why no face shots =(]

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