October 27, 2009

Dearest Chris Brown,

Dearest Chris Brown,

I'm swear I'm coming...

...to your concert in December.
When you bring your ass to ATL, I will be in attendance.
Ever since "Run It" I have been an unconditional Chris Brown fan,
& now that I see this "I Can Transform Ya" video,
I'm even more excited to see you in person.

I'm so happy this video wasn't wack! I love it! Go on Boy!

PS: Bonus Track: "Drop It Low" -Esther Dean ft. Chris Brown


Anonymous said...
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Tresey B. :-) said...

AwWwW, I'd love to attend a CB concert! He came to the Somersville Towne Center mall awhile back when he was last on tour but I didnt get to see him! Btw, "Run It!" STILL SLAPPPS!

E Dot DizZy said...

Man he killed this video. I fux with chris brown 99%. Can't fuck with em 100% cause my mom thinks he a woman beater.. so.. yeah. But Im getting that new cd. Yerrrrrp