October 17, 2009

Dearest Grip Plyaz,

Dearest Grip Plyaz,

…More Hood than Hipster [Bitch]…



I'm sure the lames don't know, so please allow me to introduce you as one of my favorite underground ATL artists. Ever since I was introduced to the underground scene, I have been a fan of your music/stage presence/overall persona. One of my favorite joints would have to be "Project Hoe" from a few years ago. Oh! & I can't forget one of the FAVORITE summer anthems, "CADDYS". [Shout out to SMKA].


I absolutely love this "FucK that Hipster Shit". Just the beat & the way you riding it...it go so hard.  [plus, any song that suggests giving every random person the finger, is a hit in my book. ].

“…I ain’t no Hipster, bitch. Fuck that hipster, shit…”
Motion Family did they thing.
I LOVE this video of the Club Crucial performance.
Also, I have to shout out @KEIsOpenDoors. =)
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Tresey B. :-) said...

see, you be getting the scoop on all the new music first! no fair, loL..ay, but that "Caddy's" did bust!