October 22, 2009

Dearest Mariah Carey

Dearest Mariah Carey,

I never thought about it, but now that I write this love note...

I can honestly say, that without a doubt,
you are my FAVORITE female artist...EVER!  
[even though I do love Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, etc]
It was you who made me fall in love with music.
I remember my very first cassette was "Emotions"

I absolutely LOVED that song.
I would play it LOUD just so it could feel like I was hitting those high notes.
[Sidenote* I also remember asking my mom what "emotions" meant. She told me to "go look it up"].
But from that moment 'til right now,
I have been a faithful/unconditional Mariah Carey fan.
If anyone has said anything bad about you, I believe its ass whooping time b/c I have always believed in your unique gift & supported your talent.

After your debut album, Mariah Carey, majority of your CDs has had a song &/or songs that I consider tracks to the soundtrack to my life,
But my favorite albums would have to be:
==> Daydream: [favs include: "Fantasy", "one Sweet Day" & "Always be my Baby"]
==> Butterfly [favs include: "Honey", "Butterfly", "My All", "Breakdown" & "Babydoll"]
==> Rainbow [favs include: "Heartbreaker" [original/remix] & "Crybaby"]
==> The Emancipation of MiMi [favs include: the WHOLE damn ALBUM! CLASSIC!]
==> E=MC2 [favs include: "Touch my Body" & "I'll be loving you long time"]
==> Memoirs of a Imperfect Angel [favs include: "Betcha Dont Know", "Obsessed", "H.A.T.E.U.", "Ribbon", "Inseparable", "Standing O" , "Its a Wrap" & "Angels Cry"]

This is one of my favorites off your new album, which I LOVE!
I wish these losers would stop sleeping & got get the album...

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Tresey B. :-) said...

Awww, "One Sweet Day" ALWAYS makes me cry..it never fails. That song was played at one of my family members funerals..it's such a heartfelt melody. "Breakdown" is one of my top favorites too...I LOOOVEE to sing that song! I love the chorus..my fave part!