October 16, 2009

Dearest Usher Raymond,

Dearest Usher Raymond,


My apologies on the late blessings.
Can you believe Comcast had the audacity to cut off my internet while I was typing this love note?! [Bastards ;)]

I am a HUGE U.S.H.E.R.R.A.Y.M.O.N.D. FAN!!!
Always have been. Always will be.
I loved you the 1st time I heard "Make Me Wanna".
[Time Out: I NEVER knew you had an album before My Way which was co-executive produced by, then, Puffy! & the album has only sold 500,000 TO DATE! HAHAHA.]
I remember my homie invited me to accompany him to one of your concerts a few years ago. I remember two distinct things about that concert...

1. I wasted a good scream for one of your dancers
thinking it was you at the opening of the concert.
2. The voice of the guy behind me SCREAMING your name
at the top of his lungs.

Over the years, I have fallen in love w/ so many of your songs & after trying to pick a favorite, I decided to list a few of the world's favorites.

"You Make Me Wanna"
"Nice & Slow"
"My Way"
"You Remind Me"
"You Got it Bad"
"You don't have to Call"
"My Boo"
"Love in this Club"
"Moving Mountains"
"Trading Places"

& Let's not forget all the features, album favorites or soundtrack joints.
But one that I consider a CLASSIC would have to be 'Can You Help Me'.

Thank you, Usher & I'm SO happy to hear more music from you.

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Tresey B. ;-) said...

Omfgoshhh! "Can U Help Me" is one of faves! Awww...this song will always go! Its so heartfelt..'8701' & 'Confessions'= CLASSIC! Anywho, I cannot believe he's 31 now. He's still soooo sexy though..man, those abs of steel. Haha, I have a whole shoebox of Usher pics|newspaper|magazine clippings. He is just that baddd. Happy Belated "Ursher"! [ps: Libras go hard!]