October 27, 2009

Dearest Mike Epps,

Dearest Mike Epps,

Really? This is your next endeavor?

...Becoming a Rapper?
I think you're so comical, but this just confuses me.
I don't know if I should laugh or rap a long.
But, maybe I'm suppose to do both.
The new single, "Aint Chu You" is the first single from your album,
Funny Bidness...

...which dropped today. [Click the link to hear the album in its entirety.]
I must say, I do like Young Dro's verse.
"...Got that bubblegum mint, got they breathe game together..."


Tresey B. =D said...

Mike Epps is stupid funny! I'd love for him to stick to stand-up\acting but hey...let's see what he got!

E Dot DizZy said...

Its aight. He naptown reppin so i cant do nothing but love em.