October 13, 2009

Dearest Pole Dancers,

Dearest Pole Dancers,

I must say, I am HIGHLY impressed.

But, I must admit, I thought Stripper & Pole Dancer went hand in hand until I did my research. SoOo, according to Wikipedia,
"Pole Dance is a form of art.
[It Is a]recognized form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.
Recognized schools and qualifications are being developed as pole dancing increases in popularity, with the overall sex appeal toned down"

In saying that, I give you The 2009 Pole Dance Championships. Enjoy!


My ass couldn't even climb that rope/do a pull up/or anything in PE class growing up. I blame it all on having 'weak arms'.
I give it up to you hoes ladies, b/c I couldn't do ANY of them moves. Pay attention. My favorite move is at 1:19. SMH. Ridiculous.


Tresey B. ;-) said...

Haha, couldnt climb the rope in PE? Ive never had to do that in PE before. I find pole dancing to be intriguing though..I wanna learnnn (shhh! Dont tell anyone, lmao)

E Dot DizZy said...

WHOAAA!!!! THANKS TO YOU, IM GETTING ME A POLE AND A WHITE GIRL!! I love this shit... New found respect for pole dancers.. Thanks homie!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad people are finding more respect for pole I myself do pole for fitness and it is an amzing work out and really gets you into shape its a great sport and I would recomend it to anyone :)