October 09, 2009

Dearest Melanie Fiona *Updated*,

Dearest Melanie Fiona *Updated*,

Where the hell has my ass been?

No, Seriously!
I've been hearing/seeing your name floating around everywhere
and obviously been obvilious to the fact that you are bad!
I asked around and many suggested checking out "It Kills Me".
I did.

& I LOVE this joint.
The video is nice, the lyrics are right & your voice is beautiful.

When I 1st hear an artist on a track, I like to find something
acapella just so that I can hear their voice naturally.
During my search, I ran across this video of you singing the National Anthem.

& of course, you KILLED it!
Your debut album, The Bridge, drops November 2nd, 2009 which I will be checking for.
You are going to make a HUGE impression on R&B once everyone stops sleeping [like I was] & recognize your gift.

My name is Andrina & I'm a fan. =)

[PS: Thank you SO MUCH for taking a minute out of your day to stop by my blogspot. I think that is SUPER SWEET of you :) ]

"@TRIMMzGirL Your Blog is DOPE!!! Thanks for the letter...
I appreciate your support and creative expression...
[via @MelanieFiona]

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Tresey B. =D said...

Yeah, she does go! Have you heard her song "Give It To Me Right"? I looovee that song!