October 05, 2009

Dearest Brandy,

Dearest Brandy,

You Go Girl!

Ever since I was in 6th grade & I heard, "I Wanna Be Down" I was an immediate/loyal fan of your music & voice.
I remember my 6th grade year was coming to an end & so was my residency as a Florida resident.
My family & I were moving back to California, but as a parting gift, my best friend at the time, Tequilla, blessed me with the Brandy cassette.
[That album is an absolute CLASSIC!! I LOVE that album word for word.]

&& now, many years later...You are still killing it!

My favorite part was at 1:07 when you hit the spin.
I read many comments about this performance before writing this love note & everyone loves Brandy.
Since thats the case...let me toss in a throwback.
OMG! WAIT! What is this video that was only released overseas?
"Afrodisiac". This song was MY SH*T!!!

Speaking of songs that were my SH*T! "I wanna be down" remix. CLASSIC!!!

This is the one of the songs I would sing/rap to in the bathroom w/ no make up or flashy ish either. ;)

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Tresey B. =D said...

The "Brandy" album was the shxt.. dang, that album is so throwback. That was the era when she, Aaliyah & Monica were KILLING the game! Im glad Brandy's back, now I have another female artist to listen to other than Beyonce. I loved "Right Here w|Me (Departed)"..glad she's back. =D