November 17, 2010

Dearest Keyshia Cole,

Dearest Keyshia Cole,

"...So give me my elbow room..."

As a long time Keyshia Cole fan, I have to first say, Welcome Back! You have truly been missed.
I have loved you since I first heard you at an Usher concert here in Atlanta yeaarrrssss ago.
Kanye West brought you out & you performed 'I Changed My Mind'.

You sang your ass off & I remember saying, "Homegirl is going to be big"...

Now look at you. One of my/R&B's favorite singers.

A few days ago I ran across your newest video, 'I Ain't' & I really like it.
I love the way you showcase them strong vocals thoughout the song.


PS: What the hell is N. Minaj talking about? ::sigh::

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