November 10, 2010

Dearest Sammie,

Dearest Sammie,

All I can say is...Whew!

The video for "Round 2" is SEXxXXY!!
I must admit, since you've grown up, I have been sleeping on you & your new music...
but I'm wide awake now & after I finish this love note I will be downloading Its Just a Mixtape immediately.
I really like this song. Makes me want to grab my boyfriend & do some thangs. :)

It wasn't until recently that I found out you write your own music...& with me that earns you major points.
Its something about an artist that can actually sing, who writes [good] music... that makes me respect them more.

And now...a throwback...

I use to have this cassette single & I swear I PLAYED THIS SONG OUT! It use to be my sh*t!!!
But guess what's weird... Lloyd's "Lay It Down" video is playing on my tv right now & Im just realizing homeboy is in the video...hiliarious!

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