November 03, 2010

Dearest Lloyd,

Dearest Lloyd,

I swear I have to be your BIGGEST fan. 

Ever since 'Hey Young Girl' I have been in love with your music.
Your first album, Southside...CLASSIC.
Your second album, Street Love...CLASSIC.
Your third album, Lessons in Love...CLASSIC.
Your Mixtape, Like Me: The Young Goldie EP...CLASSIC.
Each I played back to back, repeatedly.
I listened to each album so much I knew the next song before it even started playing.
Matter of fact, I played Lessons in Love out so much I had to cop the album a 2nd time.

"Lay it Down" is my FAVORITE song right now. I swear its the only song I turn the radio up for.
I hope King of Hearts drops soon...I can't wait to hear another album I can play from top to bottom.


TreseyB said...

"Lay your heaaaad on my pilllowww." LoL, I love this song. He looks so much more mature with his haircut, at first I didn't really like it..but I feel it now.

Lloyd Ladies said...

Love the post!