November 08, 2010

Dearest Lil Kim,

Dearest Lil Kim,

"I will erase this bitch's social security number..." HA!

"...I will kill this bitch with my old shit..." & I think you did without really having to try.
Ever since this video has hit the web, everyone has a damn comment.
But, I could give a rat's ass about how old the songs are, how old you are & how much plastic surgery you've had.
In my eyes, you are still the "...Queen Bitch, Supreme Bitch..." & no matter how hard the lames try to compare N. Minaj to you, there is no comparison.

I tried to like N. Minaj, I did, but theres nothing about her that interests me.
However, I have loved you since you had "no time for fake niggas..." & everyday since then.
Hardcore & Notorious K.I.M. are both CLASSICS! & until homegirl drops even one classic verse, I refuse to mention her & Lil Kim in the same breath.

Despite the fact there are no female rappers in the game right now, besides N. Minaj, who else is the younger generation going to hype up? I know you've heard the music thats out right now...majority of it is GARBAGE. This is all the younger generation knows. So when they yell N. Minaj is better than Kim I take that as they don't know shit about hip hop.

Like many hardcore Kim fans, I'm patiently waiting on a new album, mixtape &/or verse, but if none of that ever comes, I am very content with bumping your old shit...

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