November 06, 2010

Dearest Pusha T,

Dearest Pusha T,

"...Grants, Jacksons no room for George..."

I must say, you killed this freestyle session. Had Kanye sitting to your left concentrating.
I love Kanye & he did this thing... it just took him a second to get in the flow of things, but you went IN.
Ive loved your lyrics since I first heard your voice over the "Grindin" beat & even though you're featured on a number of songs right now...Im just waiting on a Pusha T mixtape, an album...something.


There was one thing that kinda irritated me...Flex yelling "Hot97!" in the midst of you & Kanye's freestyles. ::smh::

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TreseyB said...

"You rappers talk crowns, but I'd rather talk fear. Say my name like Candyman and I'll appear." Lol, that was cute and his facial expressions were priceless. And Kanye KNOW he be gassing! "I was looking at my resume, feeling real fresh today. They rewrite history, I don't believe in yesterday."