June 06, 2009

Dearest Beyonce,

Dearest Beyonce,

If you aren't one of the Baddest Bitches on Earth, then who is?!
According to Forbes Magazine, you are the 4th Most Powerful Celebrity on EARTH!!!
Bringing in $87 MILLION/year...A YEAR!!!

But this love note isn't about that...CONGRATULATIONS thou!
It's b/c I have falling in love all over again w/ "Halo".
I saw the video this morning on VH1 & HAD to post it b/c its such a pretty, simple video.
[Im so delayed. The video premiered Dec. 23rd 2008]

&& since I love the lyrics to this song, I was curious to see who wrote it.
Shoutout to Ryan Tedder [of OneRepublic.."its too late to apologizzee. Its too lateee] & Evan Bogart.

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MAyMAyE said...

Juat now seeing the video? OMG, I thought that you were like the biggest BEyONCE fan on Earth?! But yeah, this video is very pretty and simple...very soft-like...