June 26, 2009

Dearest Hurricane Chris,

Dearest Hurricane Chris,

What the hell is "Ratchett"?

[Lets get Raaattchhettt. Lets get Raattccheett]

During the whole "performance", I just couldn't stop laughing.
The whole damn thing was just ridiculous.
I mean, who does this? & why?

It will look nice on your resume though, right?
I couldnt even breathe I was laughing so hard...
How the hell is this a performance when the mic is attached to the damn podium?

ROFLMAO @ the announcer's joke. SMH

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MAyMAyE (@TreseyB) said...

Lmfao, day-um! You really be making it known which artists you don't get down with huh? Lmfao, I do NOT blame you!