June 22, 2009

Dearest Jamie Foxx,

Dearest Jamie Foxx,

I'm HELLLLAAA late, but it took me forever to find this damn performance.
But, thanks to UrbanReUp.com's youtube, I am able to share
one of my favorite songs on The Intuition w/ the world.

I love the original version b/c my homie, Kanye spit so nice,
but Drake is my dude too...so Congratulations on another hit.

I love the way your ass was REALLY singing for this performance.
The Tonight Show?! Such a good look ;)!

1 comment:

MAyMAyE (@TreseyB) said...

Jamie Foxx GO! & anything w/Drake bust too! Alot of ppl slept on em both 4 a min & now they're thangs. Cant wait 2 see Jamie host the BET Awards Sunday.