June 03, 2009

Dearest Kanye,

Dearest Kanye,

I'm mad at you.
How could you deprive your fans of this video for so long?
I absolutely LOVE this song.
I use to listen to it on my way to work everyday.

I know damn near everyone can relate to this sh*t,
so instead of being so upset...I guess I'll thank you.

PS: The video isnt thhhaaattt bad where it couldnt be released 4 yrs ago.
I giggled when you walked out the back of "GAP" w/ the space suit on...HA!
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MAyMAyE (@TreseyB) said...

Maannn, I love Kanye West, he can be a bit much and too out there at times but I love him and his music. He never ceases to amaze me whenever he does something drastic b/c who else would you expect it from but him right?

БОЦЦ said...

i really love your blog and the "spaceship". i listen it a lot. i've got a clothes brand (bots). check my blog, follow me and write comments! thanks, 'n' stay fresh! http://botsbybots.blogspot.com/