June 02, 2009

Dearest Malice,

Dearest Malice,

...of the Clipse.
LITERALLY, Minutes ago I was put onto your Vlog by my homie, @ELZisaHater [twitter.com].
Not knowing what to expect, I stopped by MaliceoftheClipse.com
& decided to start with the video on the bottom and worked my way up
to see what it was really all about.

After watching all of each video,
I must say, the sh*t is DOPE!
& I highly suggest everyone make they're way to
your side of the world wide web & see what the hell
I'm talking about.

For the one who need to be put on,
Here's the 1st Vlog for your viewing pleasure.

"Cause I've seen something & God told me to tell you what I saw."

PS: I just can't keep my eyes off the shirts! I LOVE EM! Especially that Plaid one you was wearing at the video shoot.

PPS: I understand the concept behind the VLOG "Fu*king for Handbags", but did yall have to do the handbags like that? Kinda hurt my heart. ;)


MAyMAyE {@TreseyB} said...

The Clipse have always been dope to me anyway, so I for sure will go and check this out...no doubt!

The Phuckin Man said...

AGREED..... And hell yea they clothes are crazy they sent me back to the drawing board