June 26, 2009

Dearest Michael Jackson,

Dearest Michael Jackson,

[August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009]

I am EXTREMELY saddened by your sudden death.
Like MILLIONS [maybe BILLIONS] of people around the World,
you have been apart of the musical soundtrack to each of our lives.

I remember just growing up listening to you, watching your videos,
learning your dance moves...just enjoying you as an Entertainer &
admiring you as a Humanitarian.

You always came across as a genuinely sincere & gracious individual &
no matter the things that has occurred during your brief visit in this life,
You were always seen smiling, waving & blowing kisses to your fans
-who like me- have loved/supported you & your music unconditionally.

The video below is dedicated to you. THE KING OF POP.

There will NEVER EVER EVER be another individual on this Earth like you.

MJ Facts:
-Biggest selling Solo Artists - of all time!
-OVER 750,000,000 [thats millions] of albums sold.
-8 time Guiness World Record holder.
-13 Grammy Awards
-26 Billboard Awards
-Has been inducted 2x into Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

[R.I.P. I Will Always Love You]

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MAyMAyE (@TreseyB) said...

Awww, just reading this has gotten me teary-eyed. I'm literally still in disbelief...I mean it's Michael FREAKING Jackson for Christ's sake. Who EVER wouldve thought that what happened yesterday would happen? This is s0o0o0o saddening. I don't know how the music industry & ANYONE who's an MJ fan is supposed to cope w/this sudden tragic loss...Maannn. Rest in paradise Michael Joseph Jackson. You are truly missed and you will NEVER EVER be forgotten...EVER.