June 24, 2009

Dearest Young Money,

Dearest Young Money,


So, as soon as I heard there was a video for it,
I googled & found the video that is apparently 2 months old...
[WTH have I been?!]
Obviously, I am so in love w/ this song that I have put it on
Autoplay for the haters to enjoy! ;)

My favorite verse would have to be Drizzy Drakes, of course.
["Iminthemoodtogetfaded, so please bring your fiiiinnnnest"]
Then Weezy's...& even Mac Maine has a few catchy lines...;)

PS: I hope Lil Chucky know his damn ABCs & shit like he knows these lyrics/dance moves...

PPS: If you're not on Twitter...lmao...youre missing out!
[RT @Diva_Elite_Inc: Is it bad that everytime I see Lauren London now I think "When I get in, Imma OWN that Pu$$y!" (via @DonGhotti)]

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MAyMAyE (@TreseyB) said...

Lmfao @ that 'I hope Lil Chucky knows his ABCs...' I met his little ass @ the WAyNE concert back in March...& Lil Twist. Anywho, I love this song too (unsurprisingly b/c I love any & everything affiliated w/WAyNE.) "Cuz we like her & we like her too..."