June 03, 2009

Dearest "Celebrity Status",

Dearest "Celebrity Status",

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I run across this.

Weave Eyebrows.
That's right Ladies & Gentlemen, Hoes are walking around
w/ weave [infused] eyebrows...[LMAO&SMH].

They look creepy to my ass, but to each their own
& if she think that sh*t is fly...who am I to judge?

Now, What I DO think is BAAADDD--is her hair!
I LOVVVEEE it! TooOoo Cute!

[But, the eyebrows + the chest tatts + the gold teeth = TOO much going on.]

1 comment:

MAyMAyE (@TreseyB) said...

Maannn, I can't even watch the video. I'm in my freaking adv. web wkshp class and this computer isn't even playing the video. Guess I gotta watch it when I get home...but who in the world would wanna get weave infused eyebrows? Is it really that serious?