July 09, 2009

Dearest Eve,

Dearest Eve,

Where the Hell are you?!

I was on twitter and @BimboWinehouse was listening to
"What Yall Niggaz Want" & it just made me think
of my sophomore year ['99] & all the memories I had speeding
down the streets in my '93 Acura Vigor [stick] w/ "My Enemies" on repeat...=)

You wasnt raunchy like Kim or Trina, but you held it down for us ladies.
So, please, on behalf of all the chicks, PLEASE find a beat & bless us w/
at least one more track.

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@TreseyB said...

AHhhhh, I miss Eve tooo. One of my most favorite tracks of hers is "Love Is Blind". She be going in on that song and best believe that I know EVERY WORD!!!