July 10, 2009

Dearest Trey Songz,

Dearest Trey Songz,

Im a fan again...!

I'm just saying...you fell off for a minute.
I absolutely LOVE[D] the whole 'Gotta Make It' album,
but I wasn't a fan big of "Wonder Woman",
so 'Trey Day'never made it to my iPod.

But in the meantime in btwn time...you did have a couple of features
that I have really liked. [i.e., 'The Baddest' & 'Successful']
After some delay, I decided to download 'Anticipation'
...and I must say, I really like it.

My personal favorites are:

Welcome Back...;)

PS: To download the mixtape click link on right side of page.


@TreseyB said...

Lmao @ 'Trey Day' never made it to my ipod. Drake had a cameo in the "Wonder Woman" video. Anywho, "Can't Help But My Wait" was my fave of all. That song was the shit...Oh! & "Last Time" was too!

tee said...

I love U Belong To Me! Lovin your blog btw!
follow me! =]