July 09, 2009

Dearest Aaliyah,

Dearest Aaliyah,

I swear-to this day-I have a crush on you ;)

You are just GORGEOUS!
I remember having an Aaliyah Calender & I would just stare at
the pictures b/c I thought you were just so pretty...
[your hair, clothes, makeup was baddddd.]

I LOVED your music, too...
I remember me & my homie, Charmaine, did a dance "tribute"
to you w/ our own Aaliyah mix...
[i cant remember every song right this minute].

So, I decided to look up a couple of my fav videos w/ some dance moves
I killed myself trying to learn...

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@TreseyB said...

AWwwww, yesss! Aaliyah still is to this very day- the shit. She was hella talented...I miss her/her music.