July 08, 2009

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,


...in this rapping shit".

I have written a love note to you before
[& I'm going to keep writing them until EVERYONE on this side of Earth
has heard & know every word to your music.]
B/C I think you are a talented individual & you deserve for
the world to hear your gift.

PLUS, I haven't been this excited about anyone since, 2002, when I purchased T.I.'s "I'm Serious".
[after copping the PSC: In the Streets III & falling in love w/ "DopeBoyFresh".]

Anywho, I decided this time, I'd post a live performance b/c it shows the
people that you know how to put on a show & entertain...

Includes: "Brand New" & "Sound Off" ---
Two of my favorite songs...

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Maymaye (@TreseyB) said...

Awww Drina, you're so cute. You're such a ride-or-die for you and yours! {His music does slap though!}

Adrienne said...

They'll be seeing him on the billboards, hip hop, charts soon. He's blessed to have such a good woman with such a "beautiful mind."