July 08, 2009

Dearest Loser,

Dearest Loser,


I mean damn, can I have my creativity back?
I am so sick of you MUNDANE bastards stealing my idea.
Everytime I turn around...someone has an idea of mine on their
wack ass blog.

I am a little flattered though.
But despite the fact, THIS time, I will not call names/name blogsites...
but the next time I see 1 "Dear ______", I'm sending viruses to computers.

Examples Ive seen so far,
"Dear Slim Thug", "Dear T-Pain" & "Dear Bow-Wow"
[Yes, Ive seen each of these wack ass letters.]

In the words of Lil Kim,
"Get you own sh*t, B*tch. Why you riding mine?!"

1 comment:

Maymaye (@TreseyB) said...

Thats right! U tell em Drina. Get your own shit, bitch. Why you riding hers? U better let these biters knw they better fall BACK b4 u start puttin em on blast using names.