July 02, 2009

Dearest Drake,

Dearest Drake,

I just can't believe this shit!

I have been waiting MONTHS for a video to this [or "Successful"]
& THIS is what's produced?

It reminds me of a soft porn w/ all the tits bouncing around the screen.
I, like MANY OTHERS, just envisioned something TOTALLY different...
You know, something that had to do w/ the song.
But it is what it is...& as long as you're cool, im cool.

PS: One Question: Did Kanye West really direct this?

1 comment:

Maymaye (@TreseyB) said...

Now u see why I told u 2 stay on the couch? Lolz, but I still love Drake 2. Im just not loving the concept of this video. But like u said-it is what it is. Have u heard da rmx w/Nicki Minaj? She be bustin!