July 22, 2009

Dearest Chris Brown,

Dearest Chris Brown,

I still love your ass.

I don't know you personally. I'm only a fan of your music.
And although I don't condone "The Beating",
I do think the apology you sent out to the World is enough.

Everyone is so quick to judge & write you off,
but everything that happened, even being Forgiven,
is between you & God.
The rest of these hoes are irrelevant.

I just want to hear some good music.
You're a young man...hopefully you'll make better decisions in the future.

PS: i would post a video, but this is via iPhone.

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Maymaye @Treseyb said...

I'm not gonna lie, I was HELLA mad when I heard about "The Beating" but...ish happens. Bobby beat Whitney and Ike beat Tina. Everyone got over that so I don't know why everyone is STILL making a big fuss of this. He's human and EVERYONE makes mistakes, so it is what it is. Just allow him to continue making hits like he's known to do...

p.s. That jacket that he's wearing in that pic you posted is so BOMB !