July 14, 2009

Dearest Rah Digga,

Dearest Rah Digga,

You back?!

I am down for ANY & ALL of my fav. female rappers coming back.
I think the ladies will be the ones to "resurrect" Hip Hop from its alleged death,
so that we can 'Party & Bullshit' like we use to.

Today, I was visiting WSHH.com & came across what looks like a recent interview.
I watched the entire 14 minutes & learned a lot about how you were pregnant when you got signed, your relationship w/ Busta & the your opinion on the current state of hip hop.

Just like I told Eve, a few days ago...
Please find a beat & bless us w/ another track.

PS: "IMPERIAL" was my SHIT!!!
This was my anthem. The beat was crazy.
I think I blew my factory speakers out blasting this. Classic.

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@TreseyB said...

I'm glad that you wrote this love note b/c I really miss female MCs too. I mean I eff w/the nikkas all day but it'd be good to hear a chick get on the mic and spit nowadays like they used to. MAJOR BIG-UPS for this love note honeybunch!