July 14, 2009

Dearest T.I.,

Dearest T.I.,

How could we forget?

You are one of my favorite artists -[ever]- so forgetting is NOT an option.

-[Side Note]-:
I remember the 1st CD I ever brought after moving to ATL in '02,
was PSC: In the Streets 3 mixtape.
I asked dude what was hot & he handed me that CD.
I looked on the back & saw one familiar name beside the track listing,
Foxy Brown. Who I fu*ked with hard, at the time, so I copped the CD.
& from the time I played "In the Trap", I was a FAN/SUPPORTER/BELIEVER/GROUPIE/Whatever you want to call me...

I have met you 3x, partied in VIP w/ you once & won tickets [3rd row from stage] to the "Jay-Z & Friends" from you on the radio by rapping "Bring Em Out".

One of my fav pictures EVER...

I am also LOVING Mary's hair in this video...GORGEOUS!

PS: Write T.I. in Jail!
Clifford Harris
RN# 59458-019 FCI
Forrest City Low Federal Correctional Institution
P.O Box 9000 Forrest City, AR 72336


@TreseyB said...

I love this video/song to the death of me, I've played it at least 5 times today on @mtvjams...he be going IN..and look @ Mary- being all gangsta. lolz...

Max Gibson said...


The concept of your site is wonderful. You write very well and have a unique perspective on hip hop.

Your letter to T.I is especially dope. You portray your appreciation for him well. I've been a fan of T.I since Trap Musik, but Rubber Band Man turned me into a believer. He has so many hits it's amazing.

Thanks for the great insight and blog. Keep it up. You've got something special.


Max Gibson