July 31, 2009

Dearest Eminem,

Dearest Eminem,

Slim Shady, is that you?

You "B-Rabbited" her ass...LMAO...I wasn't expecting this.
I didn't even think you'd take a minute out of your life to respond
to Nick Cannon's blog, [Check my love note Dearest Nick Cannon] But since you did, I realize this is the EM i love/miss.
The angry, upset, ready to throw a b*tch in a trunk when neccessary attitude is
what I love when you rhyme.

Apparently, Mariah nor Nick know that "this is what you do"
& After hearing this, I must say, I believe YOUR ass...[I'm nosy...pictures?]
Also, I love the Mariah Adlibs/Vocals at the end--Classic!

Speaking of CLASSICs...heres a joint ft. one of my fav. Em verses.

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Tresey B. said...

Lmdao @ "angry, upset, ready to throw a b*tch in the trunk when necessary"...Haha! Em does go IN on this track though...as expected since "this is what he does"...lmfao, he "B-Rabbited her ass". MC & Nick should've just kept their mouths shut. I bet they're looking stuck on stupid now. HA!