September 29, 2009

Dearest Queens,

Dearest Queens,

I am really excited about The Queen Project formed by 3 Grammy winning artists.

& if there's anyone who LOVED R&B like I did back in the day,
they will be joyous about this occassion as well.
I, honestly, haven't been this excited about R&B music in a lloonnngggg time.
I am/have always been a HUGE fan of all 3 of yours & I'm really excited
to see 3 ladies, with some of the most distinctive/beautiful voices in the indsutry, hook up to bless us with MUSIC.

Deborah Cox, I remember KILLING the One Wish album.
As I listen to it while typing this love note,
it brings back so many memories...reminds me of when I could listen
to an R&B CD & play the whole album back to back/word for word.

Kelly Price, I remember first hearing your voice on the "Mo Money, Mo Problems" joint & I think that was one of the main reasons that one particular song was MY SH*T!
Then, Mirror Mirror dropped.
OMG!! If that album wasn't constantly in my CD player!
I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED that album. From top to bottom. Classic.

& Tamia. I remember when I first heard your voice.
It was on 'Slow Jams' , ft. Babyface, & after loving the 'Imagination' video, I was a fan.

& now all three of you Ladies are together to form The Queen Project.
When I heard this I was so excited that I just FF'd through the interview
to get straight to the snippet of you all's first single, 'Queen'.

[FF to 6:42]

I really like this joint. I can't wait to hear it in its entirety.

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Tresey B. =D said...

This should be exciting, there's not really any female r&b groups out that are worth my while right now. I have my own personal fave songs of them all but Tamia's my fave. I love "So Into You", "Officially Missing You" & "Who Do You Tell"...amongst many others. This should be bomb!