January 10, 2010

Dearest Boondocks,

Dearest Boondocks,

...& creator Aaron McGruder...

I am so damn excited to hear that Boondocks will be returning to our HD-TVs [mine, anyway] sometime this year.
I thought I heard March 2010, but I'm not exactly sure so don't quote me.
Anywho, I remember hearing this good news a few days after Christmas via twitter, but the other day on my way to work, I heard Regina King on the radio, [V-103's Ryan Cameron show] & remembered how much I missed Riley, Huey, Uncle Ruckus, Grandpa...shoot, everydamnbody.

[Shout out to FreddyO.com for the video-- FF to :28 to hear Regina do Huey & Riley's voices]

SoOoo, in honor of Boondocks returning [after a 2 yr hiatus], I will post a Boondocks Comic strip everyday until...
click picture to enlarge

LmaO at "...I hate my life." [01-10-2010]

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Tresey B. said...

Well, it's about time! I be needing something to watch besides Family Guy late night!