January 05, 2010

Dearest Jason Derulo,

Dearest Jason Derulo,

...Who are you & where the hell did you come from?

My Boyfriend & I were listening to the radio one day & "Whatcha Say" came through the airwaves. He reached over to turn the volume up.
Me: Who the hell is this?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Turn it down. Its wack.
Him: I like it. I think its a hit. I know a hit when I hear one.

I didn't pay attention then but eventually I did.
Now, I absolutely LOVE this song!
"...mmm whatcha saaayyyy. mmm that you only meant weeeelll. Wellofcourseyoudid...."

Before I wrote this love note, I had to to do a little research on you & according to Wikipedia;

Jason Derülo (born September 21, 1989) is an American singer and actor.
After doing some production work for several artists, and some songwriting for Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman, Young Money Entertainment owner Lil Wayne and rapper Diddy, he signed to minor recording label Beluga Heights. After Beluga Heights became part of the Warner Music Group, Derülo released his debut single, "Whatcha Say". The song became a huge digital hit, selling over 2 million records, gaining an RIAA certification of 2x Platinum, and reaching #1 in the US and several other countries. Derülo followed up with the single "In My Head", and has stated that both are tracks from his eponymous upcoming album, titled Jason Derülo.

Wow. 2x platinum already?! Theres people who have been in the game forever & still havent touched gold status. Congratulations, Homie.

PS: The Lady Gaga tour. Good Look.


Tresey B. (= said...

This is my SOONNNGGGG! The second verse is my fave..homeboy's doing his thing. Idk it was certified 2x platinum!

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