January 08, 2010

Dearest Usher,

Dearest Usher,

... A teaser? REALLY?

I heard "Hey Daddy" a few days ago on the radio & of course, I fell in love with the song immediately. Saying that, you can only imagine how excited I was to find the vid... I mean snippet of the video.

"... & I wont knock. Wont ring no bells. You just put that bottom up in the air....."

But thanks to someone out in the world...I am able to share the complete 1st single from Raymond vs. Raymond, written by Rico Love with production by The Runners.

PS: I love this Raymond vs Raymond promo video. One Word: Steamy.

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Tresey B. (= said...

I'm so glad he's dropping another album! I only liked a few tracks on 'Here I Stand' so hopefully, this project's better. I don't like 'Oh My Gosh' though. I miss the '8701' and 'Confessions' days.