January 08, 2010

Dearest Trina,

Dearest Trina,

I will admit, you are a Bad Bitch...

But, what the hell happened to Trina aka "the BADDEST Bitch"?
You know, the Trina "Nann Hoe" was fuQing with.
I feel in love with the Trina that contained explicit content & parental advisory.
For example, one of my favorite songs EVER:
"The Baddest Bitch". CLASSIC...!

"Don't be scared, if you curious just ask me hoes & yes dick sucking comes quite natural..."

See!?! That went so hard! I swear I blasted that in my Acura speakers manyatimes.
I do understand people have to grow up/evolve, but that era was when music was THEE shit.

Anywho, 2010 just arrived & you've dropped a video for the new single,
"That's My Attitude". We'll see how it plays out.

I do, however, love your make up in this video. Beautiful. & The necklace with the crown....I would like IMMEDIATELY!!  Please & Thanks. ;)

 PS: What's a love note without a throwback? Shout out to Trick Daddy. "Nann Nigga"

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Lyrical Treats said...

I;m not feeling the new Trina song.... IDK