September 01, 2009

Dearest J. Holiday's Groupie,

Dearest J. Holiday's Groupie,

I guess it is true...

..."Groupies love the CoQ" & you made that clear as hell on stage.

Now, when the clip 1st emerges, its LOOKS like you were coming out of a flip into a split [SMH] & the bodyguard started fanning you as you did your Americas Next Top Model strut across the stage.
Then next thing you did a little gyrating, lifted the leg & gripped onto J. Holiday like an jockey grips his horse at the Kentucky Derby.

I must also commend you on how you were still able to "make it vibrate", while the security was pulling you off, to the "To do (d-do-d-do-do-d-do-d-do-do-d-do-d-do) it to you" part.
"Go On Girl!"

Anywho, I love J. Holiday & "Its Yours" is a nice joint, so I guess I can understand some of the recklessness involved in this act... ;) If you not a fan, or have been sleeping, you better get w/ it bitches.
Heres one of my favorite joints, "Fallin".

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Tresey B. said...

Lmfao! 'make it vibrate', anywho...I like "It's Yours" too & this track called "Be w/Me"..he has a nice voice.