September 17, 2009

Dearest Music Lovers,

Dearest Music Lovers,

I've got another one!

For your listening pleasure,
I have jacked another track off the highly anticipated EP,


"My City"
[ft. Crook Brown & A Leon Craft]

Go ahead & download the track.

"...Raw & Uncut, Im Doper than these niggas..."

PS: TRIMM will performing Friday, Oct. 2nd during the A3C Hip Hop Fest..
Going down at ATL's The 5 Spot [in L5P] Oct. 1st-3rd.

[Click to see all acts]

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Tresey B. =D said...

::singing:: "She put on for her baby.. on, on for her baby." Lol, anywho..Ima chk this out soon enough, you know my wack 'ghetro' doesn't play these links.